Thursday, October 21, 2010

Week of October 18-23: Lighting and Set work for Chicago.

Image Credit: Fun With Lights; Phil Holt, January 10, 2009
Hi gang!

This posting is a little late, but nevertheless, here we are three weeks from opening night!

Thursday night is light rigging from 6:00 - 9:00 PM. We'll be concentrating on the upstage areas and the back and down-lighting for the rest of the stage. We'll be using the lift, so we'll progress a bit more slowly than we did on Tuesday. We'll also continue to use the Lightwright software for this show - we finally have the full version so we can do every single circuit for the auditorium. Whoo-HOO! (OK, just a little nerdy techie excitement.)

Saturday we'll continue to work on the set beginning at 9:30 AM. We'll concentrate on making sure we can safely get from the stage floor to the scaffolding deck. We have one functioning "ornamental" staircase that will move from the front of the upstage structure to offstage; we'll build two additional staircases that are static (don't move) on the upstage side of the structure - largely out of sight. We'll build these to keep, as we can always use good strong staircases for future sets. We'll also be working on some smaller things like wagons for the piano, desk, etc. and props! Lots of props and we need to get going on it!

We know that the All-State music auditions are on Saturday, so good luck to those folks. We found out last week that a small dedicated crew can make some big strides - let's do it again!

Techies RULE!


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