Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Crew for Leading Ladies

Here is the production crew for Leading Ladies. It's a bigger crew than we normally work with, so if your plans have changed, please let me know and we can reassign people as normal. This is the kind of show where we do a fair amount of work before the show, nothing during the act, and then make some quick changes during the act breaks. Everyone will have a particular job before, during and after the show.

Stage Managers/Assistant Directors: Cassie Kittredge, Morgan Frederick, Makayla Kellner

Sound Operators: Reggie Gillis, Claire Callahan

Light Operators: Ted Townsend, Hannah Schroeder

Running Crew:

Curtain Runners: Sally Timko, Kiley Graves, Bailey Ziehr
Revolves: Jack Krebs, Jacob Spurrell, Rylee Frake
Presets and Furniture: Adrienne Rule , Mackenzie Wallace, Alisa Gerhold, Hannah Weber, Sammy Nading, Kat Cross
Props Crew:
Props Manager: Clara Tossi
Props Crew: Sarah Endicott, Jill LaGrange, Anne Seifert

Don't forget that we have a crew view slated for September 12th at 3:00. Our first technical rehearsal will be on the 13th right after school.

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