Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Ultimate Strike

Get ready for the ultimate strike!

Remember what I usually say before to all the cast and crew?

No? Darn ...

OK, but only this once, and I won't say it again - until right before the next set strike:

"Let's make sure we leave the theater space cleaner than when we started." (And yes, I DO say that before every strike. You probably just get love-struck when you hear me say "tear stuff down" and you shut out everything after that.)

With Friday being our last event - the Drama Banquet - we need to prepare the auditorium for the replacement of our theater rigging and curtains this summer. This is for real - it is happening!!

Next week, after school, I would like to have all the Performing Arts technicians come in for two sessions of your choosing. We will be striking lights, battens, any equipment (including that from the storage garage) and clean-up the entire stage area. We have a good start, but we'll need to finish the job before the last week of school. We are also going to mothball the light and sound equipment for the summer in the auditorium and the Little Theater as well.

The schedule will be as follows:

Monday, 5/23
Tuesday, 5/24
Wednesday, 5/25
Thursday, 5/26
Fri. 5/27

7th hour – 4:30
7th hour – 4:30
7th hour; 3:30-4:30
7th hour – 4:00

If you have a 7th hour free, or if you know you can shake loose (and PLEASE make wise decisions on this matter) I’ll be in the scene shop. Otherwise, come on down after school and join in the fun. Two sessions are mandatory. I’ll announce Friday as the date gets closer, but I’m guessing that no one will want to stick around when there’s a three-day weekend at stake.

If we need to work the following week, we will – again, that will be announced later next week.

This is a big job, but it needs to be done. I will announce this at the Drama Banquet on Friday night as a reminder.


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